Europe’s Largest Design Hackathon


The biggest hackathon for design-thinkers in Europe!


Prep-event 22nd of October 

Main Event 3rd to 5th of November 


 Startup Sauna, Otaniemi, Finland


All design-minded people regardless of their background


Hackathon for design-thinkers

Dash is a design-hackathon like no other! This weekend-long gathering of the brightest young talents is the largest design-focused hackathon ever organized in Europe. At Dash, we will focus on the design process at its purest, and pay extra attention to the research needed to create innovative and working solutions to the problems of today.

The greatest potential of this event lies in connecting the hipsters with the hackers and the hustlers. We don’t want to find well-rounded people; we want to create well-rounded teams. We want to embrace the differences in people attending the event and want to use those differences to bring the projects to a whole new level.

It’s all about problem solving


In many hackathons the design process tends to revolve around the companies participating instead of the challenges being solved. This needs to be changed. Design hackathons have the potential to solve real problems, and this is a potential we are going to embrace at Dash.

One way to figure the design process is through a double diamond -model. There hasn’t been a hackathon yet that would have its participants go through the whole thing. Hackathons have focused on just the second half, developing and delivering. Dash will be the first hackathon going through the whole double diamond, creating more mature and creatable solutions to problems.



Dash is something new, something fresh and something long waited. Aaltoes, the society behind it all, is known for many earlier success stories, like Slush and Junction to mention a few. By becoming a volunteer at Dash, you get a chance to dive deeper into the world of this design hackathon everybody’s talking about. We need volunteers for all kinds of different tasks before, during and after the event, like marketing, construction, program, catering… Come join the team behind the next big thing – become a volunteer

Where Dash is located?

Dash will be arranged at the center of the student-driven startup life of Finland: Startup Sauna, Design Factory and Urban Mill, the three buildings found in Otaniemi, that together provide the most natural setting for innovative, interdisciplinary working. Startup Sauna is known as the headquarters of Aaltoes, and with it’s recently renovated spaces serves both, the students and the people already in working life. Design Factory provides the participants with professional prototyping equipment and stages, whereas the actual work will happen at Urban Mill, the general working space and accelerator with an industrial vibe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “design hackathon"?

We all begin to be familiar with hackathons. Hackathon is a tool for problem solving, where a group of people gathers to find solutions to a given challenge. Hackathons often happen within a very short timeframe, for example a weekend. Junction, another hackathon with it’s roots in the actions of Aaltoes, is a model example of a traditional hackathon.

Design hackathon Dash is in many ways like a traditional hackathon, but there’s one thing that differentiates us from all the rest. Dash will be all about problem solving using design thinking, and actually doing research about the problem being solved. This enables us to present you with actual, interesting problems, that are truly worth solving.

Is Dash just for designers?

NopeDash is for everyone interested in design thinking and the possibilities it unlocks. In the real world, the best projects are done in interdisciplinary teams, and that’s something we want to embrace at Dash. We hope to get applications from everyone inspired about the event regardless of their field or level of expertise – this includes designers already in working life, coders with a couple of years studies behind them, marketing specialists who want to mingle, fresh-thinking pros from any discipline….

Does this cost something for me?

No, not a dime! Dash is completely free for all the participants, so that everyone inspired can attend. This includes food for the whole weekend too!

I’m coming from outside Helsinki Metropolitan area to attend Dash. Can you help me with the accommodation or travel expenses?

Yes we can! Attendees joining us from further away will get some help with covering the costs of the journey, and our team is working on providing you with the best accommodation solutions! Shoot us an email and we’ll help you out if there’s any questions!

If I don’t yet have a team, can I apply?

Yes you can! The idea behind Dash is to form truly interdisciplinary teams, and we believe that the best way to accomplish this is by taking individual applications and forming the groups based on the interests, expertise and working habits of the participants. This also provides you with an amazing opportunity to get in touch with people from other disciplines with the same aspirations and interests that you wouldn’t normally get a chance to team up with!

I already have an awesome team, can we apply together?

We encourage everybody to apply as individuals and embrace the chance to get to work with and learn from new people. We also let you choose one friend who you’d like to work with during the weekend!

What is the prep-event about? What should I do if I can’t participate?

The prep-event is held the 22nd of October at Startup Sauna. Doors will be opening at 13:30 and it’s going to be an interactive workshop! This is all so that you can get a deeper understanding of what design thinking is, how you should effectively and precisely conduct user research and how you will get the right context to the research. If you can’t participate physically, don’t worry, we have you covered! The prep-event will be live-streamed and uploaded to Youtube! 🙂

Who are the people behind Dash?

Dash is a non-profit organization completely run by volunteering students. We are super excited about design, entrepreneurship and tech events!

What about the schedule for the main event?

Doors to the venue will open on November 3rd in the afternoon at 15.00 and Dash 2017 officially ends on November 5th at around 17.30. Check here again for a link with the detailed program soon.

What about the intellectual property of the projects?

All intellectual property produced at the event is owned by the participants and their team. Further plans may be discussed between the partners and the teams after the event.